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Kids burn energy and boost confidence these school holidays

The City of Sydney’s free balance bike clinics help young riders progress to pedalling on their own without training wheels.

  • Harriet

    5 year-old Harriett hasn’t been riding long and came with her grandma to master riding on her own.

  • Alysha

    Alysha, 6 years old, uses a bike without pedals to learn to improve balance on 2 wheels.

  • Matthew

    Concentrate! Matthew masters the balance bike with no training wheels before progressing to pedals.

  • Jessica and sons

    Jessica and her boys Julian and Matthias enjoy some screen-free time together during the school holidays.

  • Megan and daughter

    Parents are encouraged to get involved with their child’s learning. Megan helps her daughter Harriet (6 years old) progress to riding unassisted and without training wheels.

  • Justine and Henry

  • Justine

    The clinics are a fantastic way to burn energy and boost confidence on 2 wheels.