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Little Sydney Lives photography competition: 2018 winners

Everyone sees the world differently. As the 2019 contest launches, here’s what’s captured the eyes of our pint-sized snappers last year.

  • Winner 3-7 years: Kobi Cleary, ‘Where's Wally?’ age 7

    “I love both Lego and Where's Wally?,” Kobi said.

    Judge’s comments:

    Ken Done: Lego has always been beautiful and all kids are used to looking at it, but this picture, because of the Where’s Wally? character, makes it a real story.

  • Winner 8-11 years: Patrick McCarthy, ‘The Little Things’, Shelly Beach, age 10

    “Sometimes it is the little things that are the most beautiful. We need to stop and notice them,” Patrick said.

  • Ryder Symeonides, ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, age 5

    “I spotted the caterpillar on a pot in our balcony and I went really close to it. I like all the features about it, especially the spikes. It looks small in the photo but it's really big because it has eaten all our plants!” Ryder said.

  • Ezekiel Fusitua, ‘Famous’¸ Taronga Zoo, age 5

  • Gwendolene Eastlake, ‘Looking Up’, Cockatoo Island, age 5

    “Wow. There's pictures everywhere!” Gwendolene said.

  • Stella Lee Speyer, ‘Heart Tree’, Croydon, age 8

    “I like the way the heart looks,” Stella said.

  • Adam Humphrey, ‘Evening Reflection’, Leichhardt Rowing Club, age 5

    “Whilst the sunset was beautiful, it was the golden rowing boats that captured our attention,” Adam said.

  • Cameron Michael Lee, ‘Leaf-Man’, Hyde Park, age 3

    “This leaf takes on a whole other life in the park after it falls from the tree,” Cameron said.

  • Chloe Yeo, ‘Road Trip’, Somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney, age 6

  • Alessandra Murray, ‘Upside Down Seagull’, Sydney Fish Market, age 7

    “Looking at a seagull upside down,” Alessandra said.

  • Lux Angelina Betancurt-Thornton, 'Look Up', Luna Park, age 7

    "I looked up and saw all the lines. The blue sky was nice too," said Lux Angelina.

  • Krish Choudhry, ‘Amongst the Leaves’, Moorebank, age 11

    “My brother and I were playing in the park when we saw these autumn leaves. We started throwing them at each other when I decided to take a photo with my brother looking through one leaf. I find it interesting that some trees change colour in autumn,” Krish said.

  • Ishaan Choudhry, ‘Lonely Tree’, western Sydney, age 9

    “I saw this tree from the car on the way back from a day trip. I asked my dad to stop the car so I could take a photo of the tree. I like that this was the only tree in the landscape. It really captures the isolation and loneliness of the countryside,” Ishaan said.

  • Edward Roberts, ‘Boat at the Bay’, Lilyfield, age 11

    “I get to see this every day. How lucky am I!?” Edward said.

  • Liam Letnic, ‘Wave Wall’, Lurline Bay, age 11

    “I like how the rock has eroded. I like how the graceful curves are irregular and unique,” Liam said.