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Stories told through Little Sydney Lives photo competition 2022

A glimpse of daily life through the eyes of young Sydneysiders aged 3 to 12

  • Green frogs on a tree

    We love our after-school visits to the zoo. The frogs are little and tricky to find, so it is always extra special when we spot them.

    Location: Taronga Zoo, NSW

    Credit: Arianna Rien
  • Daddy and Darcie

    It was Easter long weekend, our family were in Covid iso and we were enjoying some lazy outdoor family time.

    Location: Woy Woy, NSW

    Credit: Dalton Lucca
  • St Peter's Puddle

    Emily was invited to a playdate at her new childcare friend's house. On the walk, we stopped at St Peter's station where she enjoyed making splashes in her gumboots and took this photo of clouds in a puddle.

    Location: St Peters, NSW

    Credit: Emily Spencer
  • A visit to the fire station

    Crows Nest fire station had an open day and many families and kids decided to visit. A great day watching the fire men and women show off their vehicles, equipment and skills! Loved it.

    Location: Crows Nest Fire Station, NSW

    Credit: Everley Karlekar
  • Loving Hearts

    Ithaka took this photo of his mum (behind balloons) with his younger sister, Delphina, who’s in the foreground. Taken in Surry Hills at her first birthday party.

    Location: NSW

    Credit: Ithaka Conomos
  • Sparkly Spikes

    It was a rainy afternoon and my mum took us for a bushwalk to explore. My brother was feeling the bark on the trees and I noticed the drops of water on the tips of the spikes on this tree. They were sparkling in the sunlight.

    Location: Umina, NSW

    Credit: Lacey Griffiths
  • Mr Crab

    I love animals and sea creatures. They are so cute. Love this crab on the window that looks like floating in the sky.

    Location: Woy Woy, NSW

    Credit: Lyra Casey Fernandez
  • What is out there

    It was an early morning I was waking up to get ready for school and I saw my cat Cairo looking out into our bush backyard. It looked like he was looking for birds to follow in the distance.

    Location: In my mums room, NSW

    Credit: Matthew Sidarous
  • Thistle Lady Brussells

    This is Thistle, she is 1 year old. She loves carrots and kale.

    Location: Sydney, NSW

    Credit: Sierra Russell
  • Blue Tongue Basking

    I took this photo because I couldn't believe a blue tongue lizard was sunbathing in Mummy's flip flops! This would only happen in Australia! The blue tongue lizard looks very comfortable!

    Location: Girraween, NSW

    Credit: Thomas Meyer
  • Zoom meeting in open air

    I always wonder if they talk to each other when they sit on the line. Maybe they love doing Zoom meetings too.

    Location: Leichhardt, NSW

    Credit: Alessandra Murray
  • Misty Bridge

    I was walking in this reserve with my Dad in one foggy and cold morning. I noticed and like how the fog adds the magic look in the nature. I took a photo of this bridge with my camera and loved how it looked.

    Location: Nurragingy Reserve, NSW

    Credit: Alison Faith Tjahjadi
  • The Rotor

    I was taking photos of my friends having fun at the Luna Park Rotor. Eventually I went on it myself!

    Location: Luna Park, NSW

    Credit: Audrey Gilmour
  • Infinity Multiverse Clash

    Like many Sydneysiders, we were stuck at home again due to Covid isolation playing Lego and binge-watching Lego Masters Australia. Inspired by The Mandalorian TV show’s revolutionary 3D backdrop VFX, a homemade version was built using a volcano and lava photo displayed on a laptop and an iPad as backdrops.

    Location: Home, NSW

    Credit: Daxton Liang
  • Freedom at the Kiosk

    I love this photo because to me it represents endless summer days filled with joy and freedom.

    Location: Camp Cove, NSW

    Credit: Giorgia Murray

Each year we ask Sydney’s junior creatives to go adventuring, camera in hand, and send us their favourite pics.

This year we received a record 356 cheeky, delightful and often surprising entries. See the 20 finalists displayed in Sandringham Gardens, Hyde Park, 15 September to 9 October.

Little Sydney Lives is part of our Art & About program, a year round series of temporary art projects in unusual spaces.

Published 22 August 2022