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We’ve made the switch to 100% renewable energy

The City of Sydney is now powered using 100 per cent renewable electricity generated from wind and solar farms in regional NSW.

5 things to know about our electricity deal

The City of Sydney is now 100% renewable. We’ve struck a deal that’s good for the city, benefits regional NSW and protects the planet. Here’s how we did it.

Net zero by 2040: Ambitious new emissions target set

We’ve brought forward our own deadline by a decade.

Reducing water use under new restrictions

Following the introduction of level 2 water restrictions, the City of Sydney will further reduce water use across all our parks, pools and facilities.

We’re backing the Save our Recycling campaign

The City of Sydney joins Local Government NSW’s effort.

In pictures: Bringing in the (stormwater) harvest

Stormwater recycling in Green Square is helping save Sydney’s precious drinking water. Look behind the scenes at a cutting-edge, urban recycled water scheme.

Getting ready to go 100% renewable

From next year, we’ll source 100% renewable energy to meet our electricity needs – well ahead of our 2030 deadline.

In pictures: See the scale of solar power in Sydney

You know and love these Sydney buildings, but we’ll bet you didn’t know they are generating solar power on their roofs.

Dr John Hewson on leadership in the face of climate change

Australia needs a strategy to achieve tough emissions targets, argues former federal Liberal Party leader John Hewson.

Dr Connie Hedegaard on the politics of climate change

The former EU Commissioner for Action on Climate on what needs to be done to fight climate change.


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