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Dr John Hewson on leadership in the face of climate change

Australia needs a strategy to achieve tough emissions targets, argues former federal Liberal Party leader John Hewson.

Dr Connie Hedegaard on the politics of climate change

The former EU Commissioner for Action on Climate on what needs to be done to fight climate change.

Christiana Figueres on how local action can fast-track global change

Listen to the third episode of our CityTalks podcast.

Watch: How a new artwork led to a breakthrough in recycling plastics

There’s a story behind these 2000-odd orange spheres. And it might just change the way we handle marine debris.

How I started this thing: Sydney Renewable Power Company

Sydney Renewable Power Company's Andy Cavanagh-Downs shares how volunteer power and a City grant led to the largest city-based solar project in Australia.

Dr David Suzuki on the next steps for sustainable cities

Listen to episode 1 of our CityTalks podcast.

5 green tech innovations powering Green Square

The big and green innovations behind some of the little things you can do in the area.

Sydney’s rooftop revolution: why we’re on the path to 100% renewables

The City of Sydney’s sustainability director, Chris Derksema, outlines our commitment to renewable energy.

Sustainable apartments program saves resources and money

Free tailored energy, water and waste assessments help to make improvements

Explainer: What is a raingarden?

Learn about stormwater pollutants and how raingardens are designed to thwart them


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