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An easy ride for Green Square cycling

Local resident shares tips for new riders and why he loves riding

Bourke Street cycleway

David Errington
David Errington

We asked Green Square resident David Errington to give us the lowdown on riding around one of Sydney’s fastest growing areas.

David took up city riding at the age of 55. He rides most days of the week to get to work, the shops, parks, and to meet up with friends.

What do you love about riding in Green Square?

Riding gets me where I want to go, when I want to go. I arrive with a smile on my face and never have to waste time waiting for a bus, sitting in traffic or searching for a parking space.

What destinations can you easily reach from Green Square?

The city and all the local universities, UNSW, UTS, Sydney and Notre Dame, are easy to reach. And Centennial and Moore parks are right on our doorstep

Is there a growing bike culture in the area?

I’m seeing more riders out and about. The bike racks outside East Village Shopping Centre are often full.

What advice would you give to a new rider?

Plan your route. Use quieter back streets, separated cycleways and shared paths. The free City of Sydney cycling courses are great.

On a bike, you engage with local life and places so much better than from behind a steering wheel or from a bus window.

Published 9 February 2016, updated 8 June 2018