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World Bicycle Day: Why Sydneysiders love riding

To celebrate the United Nations World Bicycle Day, we asked Sydneysiders what they love most about riding.

  • Casper

    “It’s exhilarating and I get to where I’m going quickly.”

  • Aisling and Caleb

    “It’s the quickest way to get to school, and much more fun than riding in the bus or car.”

  • Sebastian

    “I like to go fast and it doesn’t pollute the environment.”

  • Jemima

    “I love riding my bike. There’s no smoke and you get from A to B really quickly.”

  • Guillermo

    “My days are way more productive when I ride to work. It’s such an invigorating way to start the day.”

  • Hussain

    “Riding is such a great way explore the city. I’ve discovered parts of the city I would not have otherwise seen.”

  • Vladimir

    “Riding a bike gives me freedom to get around easily and quickly. It’s great exercise and I always beat the traffic!”

  • Stephanie

    “I love to discover interesting sights and places by bike. Riding a bike is by far the best way to get around the city.”

  • Shelly

    “My bike is my car – I use it to get around everywhere! Sydney is a great place to ride a bike.”

  • Kate

    “I really love riding by the water – it’s so peaceful. It’s fantastic to see more bike connections being built throughout the city.”