It’s never been easier to join Ride to Work Day

Join people across the nation on Wednesday 16 October.

National Ride to Work Day is on Wednesday 16 October. If you’ve been thinking about pedalling to work, now’s the time to get ready.

We debunk 5 of the most common excuses for not giving it a go.

I’m not a confident rider

If you’re a little wobbly on the bike, then join one of our rusty riders courses. They’re tailored to new riders or folks who haven’t ridden in a while. You’ll learn confidence-boosting tips and skills.

Boost your confidence at a Cycling in the City: rusty rider course

Even experienced riders can benefit from a lesson. Book in for our Cycling in the City course. It’s all about riding safely and smoothly in a city environment.

I don’t own a bike

Sounds like a big hurdle to overcome, right? Not any longer. You can grab a share bike quickly and cheaply (including e-bikes too) from companies like MoBike or Lime.

Or if you want to get a taste of riding before buying a bike, come to our try-a-bike sessions throughout October at South Eveleigh, The Domain and Darling Square. You can borrow a bike and helmet for free and enjoy a safe and relaxed lunchtime ride.

I’m not sure what route to take

Try our route-finding chatbot. Tell it where you want to ride, and it will give you route options. It’s loaded with thousands of expert-recommended routes, right across Sydney. Or, if old-school navigation is your style, order a cycling map for free.

My bike is no good

Don’t let jumping gears or badly adjusted brakes stop your progress. The City of Sydney offers a free tune-up service at our share the path sessions – these run several times every week at different locations. Get all the details on What’s On. Or visit your local bike shop for a service.

Brush up on bike maintenance at the City of Sydney's bike maintenance course

I’m worried about traffic

It’s getting easier and easier to find a traffic-free route to ride.

The city’s network of separated cycleways is growing every year. Four new segments have just been announced with much more in the pipeline.

Use the route finding chat-bot or Sydney Cycling map to find the best way to ride

There’s also a huge network of shared paths where you’re allowed to ride. Our cycling map shows you the city’s low-traffic roads.

Choosing the right route makes for a pleasent ride

Over 42,000 residents across Sydney ride a bike every week and it’s time to join the fun.

Pedal to work with the company of thousands of other riders this Ride to Work Day on Wednesday 16 October.

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