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How to grow herbs almost anywhere

Create, maintain and nurture a sustainable garden in your backyard, balcony or even benchtop.

Webinar: Learn what GreenPower is and find the best deal

This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get support.

Make a plan to face La Niña

Extreme weather to bring heat, humidity and storms but with some organisation you can recover faster from a disaster.

Inside the local project turning single-use plastic waste into objects of beauty

An all-in-one local plastic recycler and manufacturer is helping hospitality businesses in our area transform trash to treasure with a City of Sydney grant.

Explain it to me quickly: electricity price hike, companies going bust, what it means for me

Spring is a smart time to review your plan, compare the market, and learn about 100% GreenPower

Why you might be seeing discarded furniture on your street

Our waste and cleansing crews are doing their best but we need your help to keep our neighbourhood clean.

4 sustainable ways to get rid of unwanted stuff

It’s illegal to put items out on the footpath without booking a collection. You can stop them going to landfill.

Apply now to become part of our Smart Green Apartments program

Get free expert advice to reduce your building’s water and energy use

Sustainable clothing: Tips for upcycling old clothes

Leah Giblin, textile artist and costume maker, shares how to refresh a stained shirt, turn an old tee into a pillowcase and transform socks into heat packs.

Sustainable clothing: Shop your wardrobe

Leah Giblin, local textile artist and costume maker, shows how to shop from the clothes you own. Create stylish and fresh looks, without buying more stuff.


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Make a plan to face La Niña

Silver medal for flood drain in Green Square

Inside the local project turning single-use plastic waste into objects of beauty


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