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Drop off your old clothes, electronics, polystyrene, soft plastics and more

Give these items a new lease of life at Recycle It Saturday on Saturday 5 December.

Have your say on the future of Sydney City Farm

Let us know why the site matters to you and share your ideas on its future growth

Recycle your old batteries, mobile phones, light bulbs and soft plastics

To celebrate National Recycling Week, we’ve partnered with Mirvac to offer pop-up recycling stations for items that don’t belong in your household bin.

5 recycling items that can stump Sydneysiders

Dispose of your unwanted goods responsibly. These are some trickier items that residents need help with.

Sydney green thumbs show us 6 diverse community gardens

These shared spaces across the city are doing more than providing organic crops. They’re growing community connections too.

Move your garage sale online

Staying safe on the Garage Sale Trail in 2020.

Explain it quickly: How to go renewable without rooftop solar

Even if you’re renting, you can go 100% renewable. Learn about GreenPower and power purchase agreements.

How to switch to renewable energy if you rent

It’s faster and easier than you think. Learn about GreenPower.

Kua shows Sydney consumers the future with zero-waste coffee

A Chippendale coffee start-up shows how circular business models can benefit the environment and communities in Sydney and Uganda.

Volunteers build bikes for essential workers and Sydney’s most vulnerable

The Bicycle Garden gets bikes to those who need them the most


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9 ways to ditch single-use plastic

How to keep household chemicals out of landfill


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