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How 10 late-night venues hosted a 6-week laneway party like no other

We asked a YCK Laneways collaborator how they brought the festival to life with a City of Sydney grant.

4 tips to nail that SYDNYE fireworks shot

Learn how to master this tricky night-time shot with the help of SYDNYE’s official photographers.

Blak Douglas: curating the 9pm Welcome to Country fireworks display

First Nations artist Blak Douglas talks about what to expect as part of the 9pm Welcome to Country fireworks display

Meet the City of Sydney’s new councillors

Town crier celebrates our new council lineup at Sydney Town Hall

Foti International Fireworks: behind the scenes of Sydney New Year's Eve 2021

Fortunato Foti, Creative Director at Foti International Fireworks explains what goes into creating the Sydney New Year's Eve fireworks displays

5 minutes with our New Year’s Eve charity partner The Smith Family

Learn about Australia’s largest national education charity and how you can support it.

Our Sydney Festival 2022 highlights

With performance art, live music, comedy and dance, plan your festival from 6 to 30 January.

A New Year’s Eve welcome to Gadigal land

Australia’s Indigenous cultures will be showcased on a global stage with a Welcome to Country that will call for inclusion, representation and celebration.

Share your artwork to help celebrate our transgender community

TransHub’s new virtual museum of transology will house artefacts including community artworks.

Acknowledging the importance of Country in a new harbour walk

Yananurala is the new name for a walk that will share Aboriginal perspectives of place through artworks and installations along the Sydney harbour foreshore.


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How 10 late-night venues hosted a 6-week laneway party like no other

Our Sydney Festival 2022 highlights


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